Who Are We?


Face TV is the new look for Triangle Television. After more than 14 years we’ve decided it’s time for a change and a refresh.

Joining us on our journey are our friends at Sky TV New Zealand, who are providing us the opportunity to broadcast to over 50% of the NZ population, while we continue our free-to-air analogue service for the Auckland community.

Under the Triangle Television banner, as New Zealand's first non-commercial regional TV station, we have been broadcasting to the Auckland region since August 1998, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a public service broadcaster, Face Television takes all the good points that audiences have come to enjoy about Triangle Television, and combined its access, public service and ethnic television programming into a novel and exciting format.

We also aim to reflect the diversity not just within the Auckland region but across wider New Zealand.

Anyone can put a programme on Face TV, so if your region, your community, your interests or perspective on life are absent from the media we have one response: make your own show and get your voice heard!

Any individuals or group can book a time slot to broadcast their own programme. Our airtime costs are minimal and although we can’t help you make the show, we can put you in touch with people who have the necessary skills and facilities to help you produce your show. And you can include up to 6 minutes of advertising or sponsorship per half hour to cover your production costs and airtime.

Air time is allocated on a content-assessed basis bearing in mind the need for equitable representation of all groups and audience viewing patterns. We can provide more information and guidance in this area

Because Face Television is independent our policies are not influenced by individuals or groups with their own agendas.  This independence also ensures that editorial control remains with the programme provider.

Airtime that is not taken up by community programme providers will be filled with public service television programmes targeted towards broad audience appeal

As a supplement to local programming, Face Television  broadcasts a range of premium international news services including Deutsche Welle from Germany, Voice of America, Australia Network, and Aljazeera English, Bloomberg TV and Euronews.

Printed programme listings can currently be found in the TV Guide or can be downloaded from this website


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