Face TV gives you the opportunity to create your own TV show for your community, business or group. This is niche, targeted video and it works. This video can be used nationally on Sky TV or online and on social media platforms.

We have a long history. Some people may know us as Triangle TV or Stratos and we have been going for 18 years. Now we are on the Sky Network, with local shows also available On Demand plus some of the best international news from around the world. We are proud to offer a rich, diverse TV schedule.

Got an idea for a show? We have experienced TV producers in-house who can help you get started and bring your TV show idea to life.

Face TV enjoys a demographic of 35-65 plus audience, with a healthy viewership 24 hours a day, which is growing year on year. Our audience is seeking for more engaging, local and international content which we provide. 

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