Face is a registered charity supported by the Lion Foundation and Foundation North. It is a national broadcaster and video production facility, uniquely placed in New Zealand to inspire new thinking, tell our stories and share peoples’ vision.

Your show is presented along with award winning broadcasts like RNZ's Checkpoint and international shows like Euromaxx and Democracy Now.

Face reflects and represents NZ people and their stories from a grassroots level. With arts showcasing musicians, communities sharing passions,  politics encouraging awareness, religion sharing spirituality and businessmen communicating good practices, networks and fresh thinking.

With international and local shows tackling the detailed issues of the environment, science, education and social issues, this is a channel to change attitudes and lives.

Be part of this great broadcast and online journey, on Sky Channel 083 or On Demand by producing or broadcasting a TV show or donating to keep this independent voice loud. 

Face gives you the opportunity to create your own TV show for your community, business or group. This is niche, targeted video and it works. This video can be used nationally on Sky TV or online and on social media platforms.

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